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Pro-File - Software from Pennik

Pro-File is the flagship product from Pennik Ltd, providing the facilities to automate the procedural aspects of probate and estate administration. It will not "do the job" for you, but will remove the tedious parts such as form filling and estate accounts. Because of its design, Pro-File can also help with Lasting Powers of Attorney, Wills and other case types you might require.
Pro-File is available as both a desktop application (i.e. installed on your PC) and shortly, as an on-line service delivered through "the cloud" or from your own internal server. Pennik's staff have been involved with the Internet and active web sites since 1996 and are strong advocates of their use.

At Pennik we have been extensive experience of providing services via the Internet, be they the traditional aspects of;

  • Domain name registration and nameserver configuration
  • Web site hosting
  • eMail configuration and hosting
  • Internet connectivity (braodband, leased lines etc
or if you have a special requirement that you need to discuss. We believe in managed services, and don't just provide the hosting tools then leave you to "get on with it".

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