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Lasting Power of Attorney

The Lasting Power of Attorney forms lend themselves well to automation, since the need to re-enter the same names and addresses into numerous forms is both time consuming and prone to error. Using the Pro-File LPA module, each party's name and address is entered once, and is then used to consistently populate the various LPA forms and also to produce covering letters.

The following forms are completed;

  • LPA001 - registration notice (one for each party to be notified)
  • LPA002 - application to regster the LPA
  • LPA117 - Propery & Financial Affairs
  • LPA114 - Health & Welfare
  • Continuation sheets for the above
  • LPA120A - Application for Exemption or Remission of fees
There is also a covering letter available for each form.
Pro-File integrates with OyezForms, LaserForms and PDF forms for form production.

In addition to form population and document production, LPA module also includes the other standard features such as document recording, reminders, time recording, disbursement recording, free-form notes etc.

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