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Pro-File - Case Management Software

Pro-File is a Case management System (CMS) developed to primarily cover the areas of Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Wills.
Because from the outset, Pro-File has been developed to address probate matters, it has a strong asset and accounting engine, allowing it to easily produce Estate Accounts and other reports required for this case type.
Pro-File's design means that case types, forms and documents can easily be added by updating the underlying database, and does not require a change to the application.
Other strengths include strong integration with Microsoft Office for the production of standard letters, and also export facilities allowing most data to be sent to Excel. Pro-File also has strong ties with Outlook, allowing the transfer of contacts and diary events between the two applications.

Further features available to all matter types include;

  • User-designed workflows
  • Built-in diary
  • Time recording
  • Disbursement recording

Pro-File is charged on a pay-as-you-go basis, ensuring that you do not pay when it is not being used. The benefits include;

  • No charge for the software, keeping the initial outlay low.
  • No maintenance charges
  • Pay for as many or as few matters as you require.
  • Quantity discounts available

Pro-File brings consistency to the handling of cases, and with the built-in checks, ensures that potential problem areas are brought to your attention before they become an issue. Pro-File comes with the on-line features you have come to expect from a modern software application.

Some videos showing Pro-File in use can be viewed at our "How To" page.

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