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Probate and Estate Administration

Probate can't be fully automated, but many of the tedious and time consuming aspects can be automated. These include;

  • Only entering the information once
  • Estate Accounts production
  • IHT205, IHT400 (plus schedules) completion
  • Interim accounts and asset reports
  • Extensive precedent library based on Word documents

"Wizards" have been developed to take you through the creation of a new matter clearly, one step at a time, enabling you to become productive in a short space of time. The "look and feel" of Pro-File will already be familiar to you because it has been developed using Microsoft software.
Simple search facilities give you quick access to any matter, enabling information regarding parties, assets & liabilities etc, together with archived documents, to be accessed in a few seconds.
You will also find the facilities you have come to expect from a Case management System;

  • User-defined workflows
  • Built-in diary and reminders
  • Easily modified and extendable precedent library
  • Export of reports to Microsoft Excel
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook

Through the use of Pro-File you will be able to;

  • Increase efficiency and accuracy
  • Ensure your reporting and documents have a common format
  • Know when outstanding letters need to be "followed up"
  • Make sure you don't forget to re-charge your disbursements

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